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Death's Introduction - [NF]Deathgun - 01-02-2018

Sorry if it took me so long but hello my name is Adam, i'm 19 years old and I am currently an unemployed (am looking for a job!) young man who lives off my parents for the time being. I am looking forward to study in the fields of Medicine or Law... uhhh I love playing games especially CoD and LoL. Thank you so much Noble Fighters for accepting me to such a wonderful community and hope I could try to help out in any way!

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]EVW - 01-02-2018

Hi hi!

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]Drunkdriver - 01-02-2018

Hey man :)

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]Panda - 01-03-2018

Hello mate, it's nice to hear about you. You should join us on voice soon :)

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]Progammer - 01-03-2018

Congratz mate! Glad you made it
Nice to know more about you :)

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]-Drax- - 03-17-2018

Welcome and Hi
By the way if you don't have our discord then join us on:
Maybe someone could help you there ?

RE: Death's Introduction - [NF]Apoc - 03-19-2018

welcome mate .. enjoy ya stay