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Victor Bolts - [NF]Mike - 01-02-2018

ign: Victor

Reason: Possible wh/lag switch (if lag switch is still possible)


RE: Victor Bolts - [NF]Fishy - 01-03-2018


- Many other players have complained to me about this.

RE: Victor Bolts - [NF]Contrary - 01-03-2018

Don't really see much here, just lots of lag.

RE: Victor Bolts - [NF]Mike - 01-03-2018

He lags so much no one can hit him and at some points he lagged so hard he 180 a few people while looking the other way during the lag spike possibly his ping + 63fps or lower but should be lagging that hard he had maybe 130-150 ping

RE: Victor Bolts - [NF]Contrary - 01-04-2018

I'll keep an eye out for him.