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Shovels unban - shovel - 01-13-2018

  • Ingame names you use or may have used: shovel

  • Server name you are banned on: cod 4 aus promod

  • Are you using a cracked key: i was when i was banned however finally bought cod 4 on steam. 

  • Any other information that you think that could help us: not too sure on the reason as i just get kicked everytime i try to connect. 

RE: Shovels unban - [NF]Nodds - 01-13-2018

You were banned under the name d.lookzx and or lemon kid.

Looking at the memory scan you were using a banned injected client.

I have unbanned your key but your account will be checked regularly please keep our server alive by following our rules.


RE: Shovels unban - [NF]Apoc - 01-13-2018

injected client is 1 thing. keep spamming those dumb shit binds on the server and the injected client / hook will be the least of your worries