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Noble Fighters Donors List
A permanent record of everyone who has contributed to the Noble Fighters Community will be kept here.

Your contributions help us to keep our servers and forums alive. Our servers and forum hosting does cost us a lot of real money.

Please click on the button below to donate:

Contributors will also be awarded one of the following forum badges:

Bronze: $10 USD
[Image: donate3.jpg]

Silver: $30 USD
[Image: donate2.jpg]

Gold: $50 USD
[Image: donate1.jpg]
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you to the following people for donations that will help us continue running:

[NF]Skylark - donated USD $20

[NF]Lag - donated USD $10
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you to [NF]Jesse for donating US $10.
[Image: mrvift.png]
ill donate more when i get paid
Thank you very much to [NF]Wareagle for a donation of $15
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you Nodds for donating $15
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you Wareagle for another donation if $10.
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you TheFalcon for a donation of $50 USD.
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you Nodds for donating $30 USD.
[Image: mrvift.png]
Thank you [NF]Flipper for donating $14 USD.
[Image: mrvift.png]

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