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Application for DEATHGUN
Names I have Used in the NF servers:
Names : PoisonIvy, Ivy(acog) currenty DEATHGUN

NF Servers I have played on :
Nf ffa Kllhouse, Nf bolts only and Nf high jump.

Other NF members I have played with :
Nf Obi wan

NF members who referred me here:
YES obi wan , julzie ,wareagle,contrary,kraquen,waffle and adnane
These are some of them.

Personal introduction and Other Clans I have been in:
My name is adam i livee in trinidad and tobago. i am highschool student no partime i am 14 years old and i am a good person in game design and computer Tech.

Why I would like to Join:
I love the community its so nice.All nf admins and community users are kind and helpful they are sensitive to and funny. :)
i love the severs new updates and other things and i have never really thinked how much i love that sever and had never said to myself why don't i join nf . Until now i realize that i love NF admins and Severs. So why not :)

Other Comments:
THank you for your time if therre was an empty application before sorry i had 2 tabs opened up. #have a call of duty day #@Nf sever.

Thank you Nf admins.

Yours respectfully.

Welcome! Good luck on your application! I removed the other one so don't worry about that.
Thankyou wait i know you trig  u played sniper with me :)
(04-22-2016, 09:03 PM)DEATHGUN Wrote: Thankyou wait i know you trig  u played sniper with me :)

Oh you did? Lol i must have hit my head on something and my memory became blurry. But I hope to play with you again. 

Btw... Is this you?
[Image: image.jpg]
how u figure out 
WAIT the Sniper :D
(04-22-2016, 09:58 PM)DEATHGUN Wrote: YESSSSSSSSSS
how u figure out 
WAIT the Sniper :D

I watch anime ofcourse! lol the moment I saw your name, I instantly thought of this
I believe you have applied before. Th_welcome
[Image: tumblr_n9wq33hHpR1rarngto1_400.gif][Image: 0f6ec4b1cbc05187a419203929add06a.jpg]
Welcome, make sure you stay active in-game and on the forums during the application process.
good luck
[Image: a7d76679b9725c37fa90a0b46667a144.png]

welcome and good luck mate
[Image: 4603021.png]

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