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SuperStar Racing
There's the World's No.1 Formula Multiplayer game under your feet and you never noticed!!! It's the best racing game I've played so far! The main thing is the VIP which is very cheap to buy and can be bought from Mobile! This game is all about racing! U can do MiniGP, Daily Tournaments, Star Races etc... there's a daily lottery where u get random prices in every 20 hours! U can join or create your own team of 20 players! And be the No.1 team in SSR (SSR = SuperStar Racing), You can chat, Make Friends, Compete in a Big race with many different tracks!!! Spain, India, Brazil, US, Australia, Arctic etc....!!! There's even a rank system depends upon how many points you got you will be promoted to that ranks! And further if u become a Game Master u get free unlimited VIP!!! What you waiting for guys let's bring NF into SSR! Visit http://www.superstarracing.net

BTW I wrote the whole thing on my own....
[Image: 34gjz9s.png]

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