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App in lets see what happens :)
Hey all,

Name is SAFE and have been playing COD4 on and off since it came out (yep old).

I live in Perth Western Australia and am a workshop manager in a Locksmith company.

I have a wife and an 8 month old boy who I am sure will be a gamer :)

I have varied interests cars ( Focus ST ) gaming and I am also a Master grade shooter in Practical Pistol (IPSC)

Anyway hope to chat to you guys on the discord server soon.

[Image: 1cnyga_zpsvnhhq7m8.jpg]
Good to know a bit more about you David, cheers!
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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.
Hello :D
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Hey safe good to chat with ya on Discord mate.

Hey Apoc...good chatting with you too mate :)
[Image: 1cnyga_zpsvnhhq7m8.jpg]
You're the 4th David here :D  grats on making it past the application stage and good luck on your screenshots :shy: Welcome once again.
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Cheers Wiz :)
[Image: 1cnyga_zpsvnhhq7m8.jpg]
Good Luck oi oi oi :D
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Damn Master Grade in IPSC? You going to nationals at Pine Valley next year?

[Image: 76561198242990454.png]
(10-23-2016, 08:13 AM)R[NF]ShiaTheMessiah Wrote: Damn Master Grade in IPSC? You going to nationals at Pine Valley next year?

Maybe some of my mates certainly will.

I don't actually shoot IPSC I shoot SSAA Prac Pistol (virtually the same)

Not sure if I would qualify as Master at Pine Valley more likely A Grade.

We have out club and state champs coming up next month :)
[Image: 1cnyga_zpsvnhhq7m8.jpg]

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