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Application for StonerMcStoned
Name(s) including aliases I use on the servers:

First name (optional):


Country I live in/Time zone:
Texas,United States of America CST central standard time

How did I find out about us?
playing the killhouse free for all server

List any NF members who referred me here:

Will I be active on the forums?
to be honest probably not but id try but in game yes

Have I been in any clans before? If yes, which one(s)?:
nope couldnt join FF because you have to be 18.....

If applicable, why did I leave my old clan for NF?

Was I previously kicked from any clans in the past? If yes, please explain why:

What servers do I play on? What is something I believe we can do to improve the servers?
Killhouse FFA High Xp

server is perfect as is

Do I have any experience with B3 or Rcon?

Are you using a shared/cracked keycode?
hell no

Steam ID? (optional)

Tell us about yourself (outside of gaming)
i surf fish skate and go to school....thats prety much it oh and i smoke alot of weed lol

Why do you want to join us?
because the people that ive met in the killhouse server are really nice and id like to do my part and at least try to become part of the community

Discord is mandatory, are you willing to install it?
i have no idea what this is but sure

Questions, comments, or concerns:
best cod4 server is the killhouse ffa if you havent noticed i ttalk about it alot lol GG M8s
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Welcome to the forums Jay! Good luck with your application and stay active on the forums as much as you can to keep updated :)
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[NF] Trig - Catalyst is my only child. | [NF] Legend - Catalyst are you a gang member.

Good Luck!
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thank you guys
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Welcome Stoner :D
Played with you in killhouse :)
Dont forget to be active on the forum mate and goodluck!
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Made By: ArchR0n1n
is it possible for me to join the discord server yet? or do i have to wait?
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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.
Rock on :D
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Hope you get accepted!!
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(11-15-2016, 02:25 AM)[NF]Fate9 Wrote: Hope you get accepted!!
thank you bro
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