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IP banned in all NF servers for what reason ?????
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I was temp banned in AUS bolt server for asking someone if they wanted join my clan yeah i get that ban okay just dont understand this one as i was unbanned yesterday now ive got ip banned in all the NF servers? 
[Image: K2ypRdI.jpg]
[Image: OBSpguJ.jpg]
An IP ban is too harsh can his be reduced?.It was all my fault this happened and cross shouldnt be blamed.
bit harsh?? you think ..  you build a clan from the ground up with all you're time and effort , then see if you would like some 1 coming in and advertising for the players to join THEIR clan on your server.

I dont think so
Poaching from 1 clans servers is a VERY VERY LOW thing to do.

and how is this you're fault [NF]Aldnoah

Clearly states on our rules no advertising/poaching.

Ban will not be lifted 

Thread closed.

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