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My full recounted history with BCT
I heard about BCT when I was still in SoU, Cow would often hangout with them. By the time SoU died, I decided to join BCT. I got in easy because I already knew target from back in SoU. I got to talk daily with him, as well as the other members like Clueless, Perish, Badmed, Boom, Billybob and a bunch more. Badmed is the mainstar focus here as he is the architect to all of this. Little did I know, that ever since I began to join the clan, badmed was always suspicious of me, indirectly calling me a wallhacker but me shrugging it off as nothing more than a banter type of joke, so I didn't pay much attention to any accusations he made, and it was quite a lot come to think of it. 

It was all good for a few months until there just came a point where badmed just ran out of fuse and called me out directly for hacking, telling the leader Target to come talk to him to settle it. I assumed target would have had handled it quickly because he was a good friend, and that he already knew I was always clean. According to badmed, in his pm's to me, others thought I was hacking too. The only thing protecting me was my good ol' buddy Target. 

Later on it just started to become so silly, and annoying (reasonably enough, right?) that I decided to make it plain and simple to badmed that I was clean. I talked to him on teamspeak, but for everytime I explained myself, he just wouldn't hear anything, sound came from one ear and quickly left the other, citing examples of me hacking 'that time we were on pipeline and you shot me through that wooden wall inside the building blabla' (actual example he gave me) and he quite simply would not listen, at all. I couldn't control myself and I just began to insult him in the server, and one of their senior members clueless trying to get us to stop but I wouldn't because of how fed up I got at how stupid this small situation became, I didn't insult her at all, but she must have taken offence to me not listening to her, and she was never gonna listen to me as well after that incident. It just got worse and worse after that with Target getting tired of defending me which I found weird considering he has the power of a leader to get them all to drop it but for some reason never got to do that...

I must have had so many voice and chat talks with target and then to badmed, and then target and so on so forth about explaining how I got this kill and how I did that and how I knew he was there and all of those things. In the end, I got removed from the clan. I was still quite young here and I acted a bit childish I have to at least admit, and I just kept insulting badmed any chance I had afterwards which blew things even more out of proportion, though thinking about it now, I can't say it's my fault, as I have always tried to be civil and respectful until I felt like I just got screwed over. I feel badmed was always a sore loser, because I would always beat him, and he was always a try hard type, who probably always won back when I wasn't a member and maybe got pissed that I took him off that throne, so to speak. Why else would he have always gone so hard for my ass, I can't think of any other reason to be honest, considering I was always very cheerful and friendly with everyone.

These days, the memory of me lingers off in their clan like a hannibal barca to the roman empire I assume, as they all hate me with such a passion, even new members who I have never even met before hate me because of all the stories they must have been told, case in point Briana, John Nails, etc. 

[Image: hmBI13O.jpg]
[Image: 6Krqrtd.jpg]
[Image: AhaHHeP.jpg]
[Image: hUMib2n.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif]

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.
I can't understand anything highlighted in green in the screenshot. But the way you word this thread made me think the clan is being unfair
I still don't know why he banned every nf member for cheating. I guess we are better off staying as far away from them as possible.
When I was in FH clan, BCT ban every member of FH too. All we had to do was sign in and bam, we would get kicked without doing a thing. Just don't understand it.
That was so painful to read lol. Hmm maybe I might try to translate it later...
[Image: tumblr_oa811hpnPh1tandono1_400.gif]
[Image: 76561198280705553.png]
What a wild ride lol. Let them keep to themselves I guess...
Someone needs to get that guy an English writing course. That was nearly impossible to read.

Figure we just let them do what they want to do. It is their server after all, so it doesn't really matter what reason they give for banning you.
Oh my God :D

Cheers DD:)
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Just went in to play, only FFA server in world at war, not looking for any trouble and then...

[Image: zwkHVgO.jpg]
[Image: Q11rRt2.jpg]
[Image: tzQUQpO.jpg]

At this point, I'll still be playing in their server ofc but I'm not gonna respond to any hackusations they make anymore, it's getting real childish and embarassing at how badmed can't drop it.
[Image: giphy.gif]

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.
Well I vaguely understood that... seems he doesn't exactly have a soft spot for you...

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