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Promod LA Suggestions
Knife Arena
Knife Round
1v1 of two best players at the end of the match
FOV Command
FPS Command
RageQuit Command

Custom Maps
any others that are posted
Our promod server are vanilla. Meaning we use the generic mod maps and settings.

The fov and fps is built into the mod from the option menu.
will be be using the FFA server as a promod server Nodds?  the FFA is not getn much traffic so why not whack Pm on there
[Image: faf4f930-156a-4dcc-8e9c-56de552c0274_zps4trcbzrk.jpg]
I vote no to all of these suggestions -.-
I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL... Wait I know where you live.
Knife Arena No
Knife Round No
1v1 of two best players at the end of the match No
FOV Command /cg_fov 80
FPS Command /com_maxfps 250
RageQuit Command /quit

Custom Maps No
toujane_beta No
berry_village No
any others that are posted
FinL voice pack
[Image: giphy.gif]

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Do knife round,but try to keep it vanilla

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