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It seems to be happening less to me now.What i do is when it happens to me I actually yawn this causes temporary relief for me.But yes i hear it occasionally as it's not gone permanently.
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I hear my heartbeat too when I am very tired. I hope it doesn't interrupt your sleep.
No it dosent , Infact its happening lesser to me but it hasnt gone permanently because of this I dont think i need to go to the doctor to get checked
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Honestly, I don't think this is a problem. I hear my heartbeat when I'm sleeping too. Please don't worry about it if hasn't gone permanently, but if it does interrupt your sleep, you shouldn't sleep sideways, but you should probably lie on your back so your ear isn't facing the pillow.

I think this is no big problem, have a good night sleep and hope that it doesn't bother you as mich

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