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Scrim Requests
To all Challenging teams,
Your Scrim challenges are to be posted in this thread.
-Matches will be played in a 5v5 Search and Destroy Promod server, each team will have 1 Scope.
-No spectators will join.
-Best out of 3 Maps. (Backlot, Crash, Strike, Citystreets, Crossfire, Vacant.)
-12 Rounds, 1 intermission half way.
-Challengers pick first map.
-3 Days notice before Match.
-No hacking/exploiting glitches. Eg: Elevating, going outside/under the map.
-Matches are to be /recorded by 1 member of each team to provide evidence of any disrupts.
-If your team needs a channel to communicate with, we will provide you one until the match is over.

Any problems PM Nodds, Freekz, Catalyst or myself.
Or connect to Discord and talk to a Member.

Your post is to be made in the following format:

Clan/Team Name:
Date/time Group: Eg. (13th June 7:00pm)
Point of contact:

Thanks to Freekz for sorting this out and putting it together.
I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL... Wait I know where you live.

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