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Application for {BTK} YaBoiFK
Name(s) including aliases I use on the servers:

First name (optional):


Country I live in/Time zone:
united states central (i think)

How did I find out about us?
searching for good cod4 servers and recommendations from friends

List any NF members who referred me here:
hunter abullet

Will I be active on the forums?

Have I been in any clans before? If yes, which one(s)?:
{BTK}, Enemy Militia

If applicable, why did I leave my old clan for NF?
havent left (yet) but i wanna be apart of a team that isnt a mess and is actually doing something and going somewhere, unlike my most recent team

Was I previously kicked from any clans in the past? If yes, please explain why:
kicked from Enemy Militia for a personal disagreement with the owner (i moved up to co-owner from being co-captain of their csgo team)

What servers do I play on? What is something I believe we can do to improve the servers?
NF Bolts NF KIllhouse MYpg HC FFA

Do I have any experience with B3 or Rcon?
no, but wanna learn

Are you using a shared/cracked keycode?
cracked laucher by avaria

Steam ID? (optional)
^2YaBoiFK | kickback.com

Tell us about yourself (outside of gaming)
i love designing and taking pictures, im working on getting a cracked photoshop so i can make more projects

Why do you want to join us?
i wanna help the community thrive and clean up the servers when need be

Discord is mandatory, are you willing to install it?
im already in the discord

Questions, comments, or concerns:
Good luck :D
Good luck man! :)
[Image: 76561197988410509.png]

Good luck!
Enjoy your stay
[Image: 199x7viov8qk4wrzg.jpg]
Gl toko
Inactive due to broken mouse.

I will decide on this application at a later date when YaBoiFK can return ingame.

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