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Application for Deadpool
Name(s) including aliases I use on the servers:

First name (optional):


Country I live in/Time zone:
Trinidad and tobago

How did I find out about us?
from an [NF] server

List any NF members who referred me here:

Will I be active on the forums?
Yes i will be

Have I been in any clans before? If yes, which one(s)?:

If applicable, why did I leave my old clan for NF?

Was I previously kicked from any clans in the past? If yes, please explain why:

What servers do I play on? What is something I believe we can do to improve the servers?
[NF] Bolt Sniper CRK improve the capability of the [NF] hacking system to detect more hacker

Do I have any experience with B3 or Rcon?

Are you using a shared/cracked keycode?

Steam ID? (optional)
i don't have a steam account

Tell us about yourself (outside of gaming)
I go to school and my hobby is football

Why do you want to join us?
so i can assist the aid of fellow members and to have fun

Discord is mandatory, are you willing to install it?

Questions, comments, or concerns:
Hello again
[Image: 199x7viov8qk4wrzg.jpg]
well since your key code is shared/cracked I can probably offer you one of mine since I do have 2. Have played with you in bolts and you seem pretty cool, Good luck!
Best of Luck, Deadpool!
Hope you make it in!
Oh you applied again, thats the spirit! lol
[Image: Cool-Text-242415596772503.png]
Made By: ArchR0n1n
2nd times the charm lol. good luck!
I've played you a few times in bolts you're fun to play against! Good luck :P
Make sure you join the Discord server in order to be accepted.
Denied. Inactive on forums and Discord.

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