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Rolex's Intro
Hey names Eddie go by Rolex in game. I have been playing Call of Duty since 2005. I mostly play Call of Duty 4, But a majority of my regular playing was done on Xbox. Back in the day I used to make montages and was apart of a lot of huge projects and channels that existed back in the day! I have been commentating and doing voice over work since and now I have my own podcast. I do live stream my games from time to time, Only because I am always accused of having WH or Aimbot or whatever makes a noob feel less sorry for themselves. I really like this server and normally play on isnipe, But the ping and lag is way less here and I hope to continue to keep playing. Maybe even join NF???
 Thanks for having me
Hello Rolex and welcome to the forums Smile
If you need any help or info please shout out and we will help you along the way...
Stop by Our DISCORD channel https://discord.gg/kSFNCGe and say hello


Hey man nice to meet you, I believe we played last night. 
See you around.
Welcome mate Smile
[Image: giphy.gif]

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