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Application for МиисБонд
Name(s) including aliases I use on the servers:

First name (optional):


Country I live in/Time zone:

How did I find out about us?
A friend

List any NF members who referred me here:

Will I be active on the forums?

What games do I play?:
Dying Light

Which of our servers do you play on? If applicable

What is something you believe we can do to improve the servers?
I don't know

Do you have any experience with server moderation?

Are you using a cracked version of any games you play?

Steam ID?
I don't have one

Tell us about yourself outside of gaming
I love talking to people and having friends.

Why do you want to join us?
This group means a lot to me, many of my close friends have come from NF, I love talking to the people there and trying to be entertaining and exciting on the voice channels, it would mean the world to me if I could join.

Discord is mandatory, are you willing to install it?
I already do

Questions, comments, or concerns:
I know I don't play games often, but I can't currently due to my living situation, I promise I will be kind and sociable to everyone.

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