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Application for Para
Name(s) including aliases I use on the servers:

First name (optional):


Country I live in/Time zone:
Australia, Tasmania

How did I find out about us?
Playing on your awesome servers.

List any NF members who referred me here:

Will I be active on the forums?

What games do I play?:  
Call of duty: Black ops 2
Call of duty 4

Which of our servers do you play on? If applicable
Killhouse 24/7 server the most. But a lot more of them as well.

What is something you believe we can do to improve the servers?
Have more admins/members watch over the server.

Do you have any experience with server moderation?
I was a member of the Hazard clan back in bo1.

Are you using a cracked version of any games you play?

Steam ID? Tell us about yourself outside of gaming
I'm a Highschool student. Love drumming, and a skilled designer.

Why do you want to join us?
to help support the server, making sure everyone follows the rules. I also play mostly on NF servers. Sniping.

Discord is mandatory, are you willing to install it?

Questions, comments, or concerns:
Thanks Smile
Good to see you apply! Welcome and goodluck!
[Image: Cool-Text-242415596772503.png]
Made By: ArchR0n1n
good luck!
good luck m8
[Image: 199x7viov8qk4wrzg.jpg]
Welcome GL hope to see you in the server's soon!

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