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I am backing down from leader.
I am backing down from leader due to personal issues.
I will still pop in and out and help anyone who needs it.
I will be on and off during the next 2 weeks and then I should be more active once again.

Sad to see you step down but I hope that you come back soon well prepared and a lot more ready to handle the task.
I'll see you in-game and around then I guess. 

Have fun with your life :P
It's only temporary and I might decide to re-earn my ranks
Stay in contact Jesse! We will miss hearing from you otherwise!
(01-24-2016, 04:00 AM)[NF]Jesse Wrote: It's only temporary and I might decide to re-earn my ranks

That's good then! I'll get to push you around like you did when I was new to oz >:D. jks, I'm pretty sure that didn't happen xDDD
For everyone's information, Jesse was the first person to join Skylark and I, and right from the start he worked hard on the COD4 Zombies and Halo Bumper Cars servers. He has been a constant contributor all along.

We hope to see you around the servers and forum.
[Image: mrvift.png]
Aww Jesse. Hopefully whatever is happening resolves! Hope to see you soon again

Thanks for all you have done for NF which is a lot.
Hope to see you around.  Come visit my shop someday in Indiana.

[Image: NFLag_zpsiupnhvku.png]
I'm Just a NOOB?  Did I win?
Thanks all

Btw this is only temporary once I feel good enough to come back I will be back.

I hope it is soon

Thanks again,
Hey Jesse,

Know how it feels.

Do what you must mate.

Cheers DD:)
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